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idol_art's Journal

An American Idol Graphics Community
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I had come across a few icon communities for the show, but none were devoted to graphics as a whole. I decided to change that. Here, you'll be able to post icons, banners, signatures, colorbars, friends only banners, manips, etc.

One of the things I like to do is to tag each post. I find it makes things easier when searching for specific contestants or certain types of graphics. Please try to tag your posts. I will do my best to keep them all tagged, but it would be helpful if you could tag your own. This way, I don't have to spend hours doing it.

A note on tags: I made tags already for the more popular contestants from each season. Rather, the ones we still hear anything about. I left all of the season 7 contestants up to the top 10. If any other tags are necessary, I will add them, but that's the way I decided to do the tags for now. If you're really upset that your favorite is missing, just leave a comment, and let me know. If people will and do make graphics of someone not on the list, I'm more than happy to add the contestant.

1. Anything posted must be (1) American Idol related and (2) graphics related. AI related includes anything from contestants to judges to just Idol in general. Graphics related is anything you may have done in your graphics program including icons, banners, wallpapers, friends only banners, manips, etc. Anything goes really. No posting just pictures. That is not what the community is for. Also, no posting info. There are other communities for that, and this one is devoted to graphics.

2. Please place no more than four icons outside of an lj cut and no more than two larger graphics. Also belonging behind an lj cut WITH a warning are things considered not safe for work, anything containing swearing, and (during the Idol season) spoilers. The last one might not seem logical since everyone knows the next day anyway, but there are some people who post fast, and the west coast sees Idol after the east coast.

3. Make sure you read the specific rules each maker has. Everyone is different. Some want credit, some don't. Some would like a comment, some don't care as long as people like the graphics. Make sure you know what the maker wants you to do.

If you don't follow the above rules, I'll comment in your post asking you to change it. If you don't listen to me or argue, then I will delete it.

4. Anyone of any level of graphic making can join, and since we're all of different levels, constructive criticism is allowed, but if the person says they don't want it, don't give it. Furthermore, don't put down anyone who is beginning or is not up to the same level as everyone else. A lot of people are still learning and that kind of behavior does NOT help them get better.

5. No trolling. No spamming. Enough said.

Failure to follow the two above rules will result in a warning and then a banning if the behavior continues.